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Home School Gym

Home School Gym (Ages 5-14)
A fun, competitive environment that will expose your kids to a wide variety of multiple sports for the gym class and soccer/kickball class to foster teamwork, individual development, leadership, and a little hard work. Building coordination, motor skills, interpersonal relations, and overall athleticism. Athletes will work together developing confidence, discipline, and growing through change and adaptation. We offer several options where we meet weekly on Wednesdays or Fridays for ages 5-14 yrs old. Home School Multisport Gym and Home School Soccer/Kickball Classes. The Classes will be held at Carriage Place Community Center.

Home School Gym Classes

Home School Multisport Gym Begins Wed. Jan. 17th


Home School Soccer/Kickball Begins Wed Jan. 17th


Home School Multisport Gym Begins Fri. Jan. 19th


Home School Soccer/Kickball Begins Fri. Jan. 19th

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